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20L Dual Tap Stand Cooler Dispenser Chiller Cooling Cold w/Water Filter

20L Dual Tap Stand Cooler Dispenser Chiller Cooling Cold w/Water Filter

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Invite a modern addition to your kitchen, office, school, lobby or hotel aesthetic with our Cold Water Dispenser. This fast-cooling, automatic thermostat machine produces the perfect cup of water every time. Enjoy nature's greatest resource with dual taps for room temperature or chilled water as cold as 6°C, with this low-noise dispenser.

The Water Purifier Bottle's huge 20 litre capacity purifies its contents through a six-stage advanced filtration system, with a replaceable porcelain filter containing activated carbon with silver ions, silex sands and mineralisation balls. The included water purifier bowl and filter purifies, sterilises, absorbs and filtrates arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, copper, mercury, selenium, nickel, thallium, antimony, and beryllium - the harsh metals commonly found in tap water, as well as impurities, germs, chemicals and chlorine. The porcelain filter will also sterilise the water from bacteria and increase oxygen levels within the water. Each filter lasts one year, or 3000 litres of water. Extra replacement filters are sold separately.

Long term purified drinking water can positively adjust body functions, improve the immune system, prevent viscera calculus, clean the inside of blood vessels, stabilise metabolism and prevent dermatosis. It can also prevent mineral element shortage by drinking general tap water. The benefits are truly a bargain, and the best part is you will save money because the water purifier bottle is refillable with tap water, meaning you do not need to exchange the bottles. All that is needed to maintain the Cold Water Dispenser is approximately one replacement filter per year - it's that simple.

This easy-to-assemble, slim design has a cooling capacity of 2 litres per hour, ensuring plenty of cool, hydration for the entire family or office. The 85 watts of power is both energy efficient and powerful, ready to tailor to your thirst quenching needs. The dispenser has 3 coloured lights on the front to easily indicate power, cooling mode, and cooled water mode. Enjoy your purified water at ease with the over-current and electric-shock protection. Complete with a handy swing-door storage space below the water taps, this nifty dispenser can store Replacement Water Purifier Filters or anything else you choose to put inside on the dual shelf.

Experience the difference - get truly refreshed, with our Cold Water Dispenser.

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