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Crest UHF VHF Digital TV Signal Splitter Distributor 2 Outputs

Crest UHF VHF Digital TV Signal Splitter Distributor 2 Outputs

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This Crest digital TV signal splitter booster offers the very latest technology to distribute TV signals throughout your home, share house, office, shop, or restaurant.

Designed to amplify the incoming TV signal and provide up to 17dB signal gain on each output to improve reception.

Notes: This is a splitter designed to split and amplify the signal for running 2 TVs / devices. It is not designed for amplifying poor signals for a single TV. If your TV reception is not at a good/optimum level, you may still need a signal amplifier to successfully split the signal to multiple TVs.


  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • 2 output digital splitter amplifier
  • Boosts signal for 2 outputs
  • Up to 17dB gain on each output
  • SMD circuit design
  • 1 input and 2 outputs
  • Includes Australian 240v AC power adaptor


  • Frequency range: 88 - 862 Mhz UHF and VHF
  • Max output level: 95dBuV
  • Noise figure: less than 3.5dB
  • Isolation greater than 22dB
  • Dimensions of splitter unit: 130x 49 x 70mm approx
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty

Package Includes

  • 1 x Digital TV Signal Splitter Distributor 2 Outputs
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