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GOMINIMO 1200ML Iron Teapot with Filter and Warmer

GOMINIMO 1200ML Iron Teapot with Filter and Warmer

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Versatile Compatibility with Iron Cast Teapot Warmer: The Iron Cast Teapot Warmer is designed to complement a variety of teapots, ensuring compatibility and versatility. Whether you have a traditional or modern teapot, this warmer provides a suitable and stylish heating solution for your tea-drinking experience.

Multi-Functional Teapot for Diverse Brewing: Enjoy a multi-functional teapot that goes beyond traditional tea brewing. This versatile teapot can effortlessly brew tea and coffee, and it's also ideal for steeping herbs. Embrace a diverse range of beverage choices with a single teapot that caters to your various brewing preferences.

Beautiful and Burn-Preventing Teapot Handle: The teapot handle is thoughtfully wrapped with rope, serving a dual purpose of preventing burns and adding an aesthetic touch. This design ensures a comfortable grip while enhancing the visual appeal of the teapot. Enjoy both safety and beauty in the details of your teapot.

Comprehensive Iron Teapot Set with Infuser/Filter and Warmer: Elevate your tea experience with an all-inclusive Iron Teapot Set. This set includes a built-in infuser/filter for easy steeping and straining, and it comes with a dedicated teapot warmer. The enameled interior coating enhances the overall durability and performance of the teapot, ensuring a high-quality tea-drinking experience.

Enameled Interior for Enhanced Tea Quality: The Iron Teapot, coated with an enameled interior, guarantees a premium brewing environment. The enamel coating not only ensures the longevity of the teapot but also enhances the purity of the tea flavor. Immerse yourself in a delightful tea experience with the added benefit of a meticulously crafted and enameled interior.

Package Content

1x Teapot

1x Heater

1x Filter

  • Brand: GOMINIMO

  • Color: Black

  • Product Dimension: Teapot
    Height: 19.5cm
    Diameter: 15.5cm
    Height: 7cm
    Diameter: 14.5cm/p>
  • Product Weight: 2.65kg

  • Materials: Cast Iron

  • Packaging Dimension: 18 x 18 x 18cm

  • Packaging Weight: 3kg

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