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Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

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Cook smarter, live lighter. Elevate mealtimes with our digital induction cooker.

Induction cookers offer a safe, specialised alternative to stove-top cooking. Powered by electricity, the digital induction cooker offers instantaneous adjustment to heat levels, allowing for accurate cooking every time.

Compared to standard gas-powered cooking methods, the digital induction cooker focuses more heat on the cooking vessel, with less heat transference to the rest of the kitchen.

Each unit is pre-fitted with automatic protection from overheating. The black crystal heating plate only heats up if a pot or saucepan is placed on it and if the pot is removed for more than one minute, the induction cooker will automatically shut off.

Powerful cookers don't have to mean high energy bills. Our 2000-watt digital induction cookers are highly efficient, allowing you to save on your energy output and care for the environment.

Experience advanced cooking technology, with eight pre-set cooking functions and eight power and temperature settings, allowing you to secure the perfect heat for your future dish. Its large LED display is easy to read, offering you a convenient means of keeping track of your cooking ventures.

Optimise your cooking time with our high-powered digital induction cooker.

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