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Tiny Walkers Busy & Quiet Books 1st Edition

Tiny Walkers Busy & Quiet Books 1st Edition

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Discover the Tiny Walkers Quiet & Busy book: Fun, educational busy books combining Montessori-inspired play for children from 2 up to 5 years old. Our quiet busy books boost problem-solving, fine motor skills, and vocabulary with interactive cutouts and writing practice. Ideal for early learning through play. Get our busy books today!

  1. 30 Interactive Pages: Boundless educational play awaits.
  2. 95+ Durable Cutouts: Tactile and creative engagement.
  3. Zippered Storage Case: Organization made easy.
  4. 8 Vibrant Markers: Add color to every project.
  5. 120 Hook-and-Loop Sets: Plenty for continuous fun.
  6. Expansive Content: Ideal busy book for preschool learning at a competitive price. Each page contains different syllabus perfect for early childhood learning milestones.
  7. Vocabulary Growth: Diverse cutouts offer extended, engaging vocabulary development.
  8. Safety First: Rounded corners for safe, skill-building play.
  9. Sustainable Inks: Child-safe, eco-conscious printing with soy-based inks.
  10. Mother's Touch: Australian moms ensure fun, educational quality.
  11. Educational Variety: From basics to habitats, it enriches a spectrum of skills.
  12. Quality Materials: Sturdy for repeated writing and play, fostering pen control.
  13. No Fuss Setup: Pre-assembled with stickers for immediate enjoyment.
  14. Visual Appeal: Bright, engaging colors for lively Montessori learning.

Our books are crafted particularly to avoid overwhelming preschoolers with excessive words!

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